Lagos Cycle Routes & Bike Trails

Jun 03, 2020

Photo above: Ponte da Piedade, Lagos.


There many places to ride in and around Lagos. The first of these rides is one that winds its way around the cliffs tops from Ponta da Piedade and on towards Luz, Burgau and Salema. Here you will enjoy stunning views of the coastline and the ocean below, as well as having time for a dip in the sea.

The second of these rides is along the road behind Meia Praia beach in the direction of Ria de Alvor. There a plenty of dirt tracks and roads for riders of all levels. And if you are looking for something a little more extreme, we can suggest a trip to Monchique; Serra de Monchique is the epicentre of mountain bike riding in the Algarve.


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Route 1: The City Center (Ponte da Piedade)

Distance: 10-12 km
Duration: 1-4 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Recommended Bike(s): Electric Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Hybrid/Touring Bikes, Urban Bikes

This is a fun and leisurely ride around the centre of Lagos that takes in some of the most popular sites such as the Mercado dos Escravos (slave market), Igreja Santo Antonio, Castelo dos Governadores (the governor's castle), Praia da Batata, Praia do Pinhao, Praia Dona Ana, Praia do Camilo, Ponte da Piedade, Porto do Mos, the Marina de Lagos and the Avenida dos Descobrimentos (promenade).


Route 2: The South Coast (Burgau)

Distance: 27 km
Duration: 4-8 hours
Difficulty: Intermediate
Recommended Bike(s): Electric Bikes, Hybrid/Touring Bikes

The ride from Lagos to Burgau takes you on a journey through the countryside and along the sunny south coast to the historical fishing village of Burgau, bordering the Natural Park of the Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina. On the way you will pass through the seaside town of Praia da Luz, where you can stop for a coffee in one of the many open air cafes, or visit the Roman ruins and a 16th century medieval church.


Route 3: The South Coast MTB (Salema)

Distance: 40 km
Duration: 4-8 hours
Recommended Bike(s): 
Mountain Bikes

A slightly more demanding day ride from Lagos. This 40km mountain bike trail navigates the coast from the centre of Lagos to Ponte da Piedade and along the south coast towards Salema. This is a adventure seekers paradise as you hug the clifftops down the coast with awe inspiring views of the ocean below.


Route 4: The Nature Reserve (Ria do Alvor)

Distance: 27 km
Duration: 3-5 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Recommended Bike(s): Electric BikesMountain BikesHybrid/Touring Bikes

Our so called "nature trail" takes you behind the beach of Meia Praia towards the Ria do Alvor and then on to the Quinta da Rocha nature reserve - the "Rocha Delicada". Here you will get a chance to see many species of birds such as Spoonbills, Stone-curlews, Avocets, and pink flamingos all in their natural habitat.


Route 5: The Lake (Barragem da Bravura)

Distance: 37 km
Duration: 4-6 hours
Difficulty: Intermediate
Recommended Bike(s): Electric BikesMountain BikesHybrid/Touring Bikes

This route avoids most of the busy roads leading to the Barragem da Bravura. From Lagos, behind the beach of Meia Praia, alongside the Ria do Alvor, passing through the village of Odiáxere, then into the countryside and on towards the lake. If you cross the dam and follow the trail around the lake, you will find many quiet places to swim and picnic.


Route 6: The Forest (Barão de São João)

Distance: 19 km
Duration: 4-6 hours
Difficulty: Intermediate
Recommended Bike(s): Mountain Bikes

This is a leisurely ride through the Mata Nacional de Barão de São João: one of the Algarve's few national forests. The ride takes you through stands of pine, acacia, eucalyptus and arbutus, which provide welcoming shade during summer. Further highlights include the "Menhir Pedra do Galo": a cylindrical stone erected during the Neolithic period and the "Parque de Merendas", which has free BBQ facilities available for public use.


Route 7: The Eurovelo Route (Sagres)

Distance: 71 km
Duration: 4-6 hours
Difficulty: Intermediate
Recommended Bike(s): Electric BikesHybrid/Touring Bikes

Section 3 of the European Cycle Route Network Route 1 makes its way from Portimao along the Atlantic coast towards Sagres, the most south-western tip of Europe. For route maps and information, click here.


Route 8: The Historical Way (Rota Vicentina)

Distance: 71 km
Duration: 6-8 hours
Difficulty: Intermediate
Recommended Bike(s): Electric BikesHybrid/Touring Bikes,  Mountain Bikes

Comprised mainly of rural trails, this is a classic Grand Route (GR), fully accessible to hikers and mountain bikers, with stretches of cork tree forests, mountain ranges, valleys, rivers and creeks, in a true journey through time, local culture and nature trails. Sagres / Cabo de S. Vicente / Vila do Bispo / Carrapateira / Arrifana / Aljezur

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