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Zefal french accessorist since 1880. Zefal has become, over the years, the world's leading manufacturer of bicycle accesories and a must have brand for cycling. For more than 130 years, they have put their experience and know-how at the service of their products.

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Z Light Pack S Saddle Bag

The Zefal Z Light Pack S srovides enough room for 2 tubes + 1 repair kit + 1 multi tools + 1 CO2 inflator like EZ Push + 1 mini-pump. Learn More

Spy Bike Mirror

The Spy mirror can be mounted in various locations on your bike. The rubber strap attaches to tube diameters from 22 to 60 mm. Ideal for road and MTB bikes. Learn More

Air Profil Micro Mini Pump

A special road mini pump, the Air Profil Micro is our most compact product. 100% aluminium and measuring only 165 mm, it can reach up to 7 bar/100 psi. Learn More

Gizmo Universal Bottle Mounting Kit

Clamps for mounting a bottle cage on bikes with no bottle cage mounts. Does not scratch the frame. Learn More

Mini Jet Bike Pump Black

The Mini Jet universal pump is adapted for all riders thanks to its mounting clip and the 6 available colours. Learn More

K-Traz U13 Code + Cable Bike Lock

The K-Traz U13 Code + Cable is a code system U-lock with a loop made from very high resistance steel and a cable that guarantees extra security for the wheels and saddle. Learn More

K-Traz F16 Folding Bike Lock

The K-Traz F16 uses U-locking security along with the ease of storing a wind-up cable. Learn More

K-Traz C8 Cable Bike Lock

The K-Traz C8 is a 185 cm coiled cable lock that can be closed using a key and it provides enhanced locking using 2 levels of security. Learn More

K-Traz C6 Cable Bike Lock

The K-Traz C6 is a coiled cable lock that can be closed using a key and it has a springless locking system to prevent the bolt blocking. Learn More

Universal Puncture Repair Kit (8 pieces)

Zefal repair kits will help you to repair your bike easily and safely. Learn More

ZB Bike Wash Brush

In nylon, the ZB Wash allows an efficient and safe cleaning of the bike: frame, fork, wheels… Its oval shape is designed to access all bike parts. Use the Zéfal Bike Wash to ensure optimal results. Learn More

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