4/3mm Eco Friendly Wetsuit – Black

4/3mm Eco Friendly Wetsuit – Black

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The Wildsuits 4/3mm is an ultra versatile limestone neoprene wetsuit, suitable for cold to temperate waters. We recommend using it in water temperatures between 8°C and 15°C. This eco-friendly wetsuit consists of 4mm thick limestone neoprene on the most cold-sensitive parts of the body (chest and back) and a thinner limestone neoprene (3mm) on the less sensitive areas of the body (legs and arms).

What’s c style=”margin-top:1em;”hanged in 2020 edition?

The major addition is the use of the new fleece lining. Our Wild Fleece is softer and warmer than before, and is now designed to reach all the way from the neck to the knees, keeping you as toasty as our 5/4mm winter wetsuit, but with all the stretch of a spring suit.

We also upgraded the knee pads to new limestone neoprene, giving you more comfort and resistance, session after session.

We upped our eco game and introduced a new generation inner fabric that is composed of 45 plastic bottles per suit! It’s more flexible than the previous lining, and saves the planet too – for us, it was a no-brainer.

This model is by far our best 4/3mm wetsuit yet, and we are enormously grateful for the feedback we received when revaluating the design. We changed what was necessary to keep you warmer, comfier and satisfied, whilst leaving all the other factors unchanged – why fix what isn’t broken?

Wildsuits Technology

Wildsuits wetsuits are inspired by, and composed of, the best features on the market. We have been testing and evaluating wetsuit characteristics via our customers and pro riders all over the world, under the most critical conditions. Wildsuits wetsuit characteristics include: Limestone neoprene, Inner polar, GBS seams, front zip, 100% inside lining tape, reinforcement patch, silicone logos, flush lock on wrists and ankles, plus more.

Limiting Your Environmental Impact

The 4/3mm wetsuit will allow you to enjoy plenty of wild sessions whilst also respecting the environment. Wildsuits is committed to creating the most eco-responsible wetsuits possible. From production to delivery and recycling, discover our ecological actions.


  • 4mm thick neoprene on the chest and back, 3mm rest of body
  • Eco-friendly neoprene made from limestone and recycled tyres
  • GBS Glued Blind-stitched and reinforced seams
  • Fleece lined
  • Worn from October through to the end of April in Europe

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