Castello Sparkling Water Bottle 250ml

Castello Sparkling Water Bottle 250ml


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Founded in 1899, Agua Castello is a Portuguese hallmark in the bottled water industry being the oldest bottling and distributor of mineral water in Portugal. Created by the company Águas de Moura, it has its origins in the Baixo Alentejo region.

Nutritional Information: pH 5.8 ±0.2 (mg/L); Silica (SiO2) 14.0 ±0.5 (mg/L); Total mineralization 50 ±4 (mg/L); Dry residue at 180º C 43 ±2 (mg/L); Calcium (Ca2+) 0.75 ±0.07 (mg/L); Nitrate (NO3-) 1.6 ±0.14 (mg/L); Sodium (Na+) 7.3 ±0.6 (mg/L); Magnesium (Mg2+) 1.7 ±0.13 (mg/L); Chloride (Cl-) 9.0 ±0.4 (mg/L); Bicarbonate (HCO3-) 13 ±3 (mg/L); Sulfate (SO42-) 1.5 ±0.2 (mg/L); Total hardness 9.1 ±0.6 (mg/L)

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