Bottle Lid – Stainless Steel

Bottle Lid – Stainless Steel


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Chilly’s replacement bottle lids. All Chilly’s Bottles come with a lid. These are spares to replace a lost lid, or to customise your Chilly’s Bottle. 260ml/500ml and 750ml bottle lid sizes.

260ml 9.15oz
The perfect size for taking a coffee on the go.
0.27kg - 20.6cm x 6.4cm
500ml 17oz
Our pefect replacement for single-use plastic bottles.
0.36kg - 26cm x 7cm
750ml 26.4oz
Holds an entire bottle of wine.
0.50kg - 30cm x 7.6cm
1.8l 63.4oz
The beast! For days out and picnics.
0.895kg - 38cm x 10.5cm

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