WWF Ciconia Beach Towel – Coral

WWF Ciconia Beach Towel – Coral


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Futah WWF Ciconia Beach Towel developed in collaboration with WWF. The black stork is typically a Portuguese species with a threatened presence. 10% of each sale of this product revert to WWF projects to support the protection of the black stalk.

A shy, migratory species and nowhere is it so abundant as its White cousin. The Black Stork’s habits are unlike also, as its migration starts a month later in the autumn and it arrives a month later in the spring. The juveniles spread out at the end of the summer and can turn up in the oddest of places, but are easily told apart from the adults due to their dark chocolate brown plumage.

Limited edition of 250 units.


  • Colors: Coral, White and Black
  • Weaving: Fringed Jacquard
  • Size: 100cm x 180cm
  • Weight: 400g
  • Cotton bag offer

SIZE Width x Height
Single 100cm x 190cm
Double/XL 180cm x 200cm
Round 150cm
Kids 70cm x 130cm
SIZE Width x Height
Adult 90cm x 115cm
Kids 60cm x 70cm

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