Disc Brake Cleaner 400ml


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Disc Brake Cleaner is a degreaser that has been specially formulated for cleaning disc brakes. It’s an excellent solvent against oil, grease, brake fluid, dried-on dirt and braking residues. It has been specially designed to rapidly dry ensuring it quickly and effectively cleans brakes by letting the solvent disolve the dirt. It improves the performance of the braking systems and stops any grinding noise. Our formula is safe with the majority of plastic, rubber, paint and varnish.


  • Better braking without the noise – Re-establishes original performance
  • Life span – Prolongs the lifespan of the brakes
  • Quick drying – Fast cleaning without any residue
  • Acetone & CMR-free – guaranteed no risk to plastic or painted parts
  • 400ml / 15.5 fl.oz
  • Made in France

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